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We have a starting point; Drinking a coffe at the bar must be a moment of great satisfaction.

 We, the CAFÉ RICO’S people, have been working for over 50 years strongly, believing we have to make pleasant and savoury the daily coffe break at the bar for for the most of us.
We have an authentic passion for good coffè, and we dedicated our life to it. The CAFÉ RICO’S supplies only bars and coffee shops, so it imports only higly selected coffes, which are only for the espresso machines in coffe bars.



We make coffee roasting with the same passion and the same artisan care of the past. The roasting is at low temperature (slow roasting), using only wood coming from the mountains of the Middle Italy. Slowly roasted coffè has a uniform backing both inside and outside of the bean, givin off all its chemicals ( more than 600 ), producing chemical-psisical reactions, which are responsible for its lovely smell.
The combustion produced with mountain wood makes more aromatic our coffe taste. Our expert master roaster checks everything with care and with his great experience he can intensify green coffe qaulity chosen by himself.
During the roasting there is a very short period in wich the beans crackle in the roasting drum producing an almost imperceptible noise: this is the perfect moment in which the coffe “ calls “ the master roaster to stop the baking.
At this point the coffe reaches the right roasting degree and so it is put into the cooling tank where a strong aspirator stops its roasting and cools it completely in just a few minutes ( fast cooling ). Important to say is that every single coffe  quality is separately roasted ( separate roasting ) and it lies for some days in special silos.
Only later the single coffe qualities are blended to produce the sweet, aromatic, tasty, creamy blending of RICO’S.
Even if this producing process needs much more time, it surely guarantees excellent result and they yield of a cup of coffe will be the best.


After having been blended, the coffee is packed in bags of 500-1000 or 3000 gr. Or in exclusive and elegant metal tins of 3000 gr, which can be turned over the coffee – mills of the bars.


So the costumer can choose the right resolution according to his needs. At this point it remains to supply the product.
Our team people visite weekly our costumers for the suppling of coffe and of product we sell ( obarley coffe, tea, sugar little bags, camomile tea, chocolate…)  providing technical assistence in case of need.
Suppling coffee every week, the costumer has an ever fresh product. We also want care for the beauty. So we created an excellent collection of cups called ( Città d’Italia ) representing the most important italian towns. Sugar little bags are so painted and so gay. To contain our paper napkins we have exclusive napkin holders in “ Soft Touch “.
That is to say: you also have to please the eye and we please both the eye and the mouth. This Coffee is not produced by accident.


We Work Coffe whit care and passion, which you immediately recognize and which takes place again every time in the exceptional taste of our coffee.


Metal Pot gr.300 – gr.500

Envelope gr.500 – gr.1000 – br.3000

Envelope gr.3000 ( miscela kor )

Green coffe sample

Chocolate covered coffe

Coffe pods worth ( cardboard box 150 pods )

Coffe Cups collection cities of Italy

Planets collection

Coffe and cappuccino cups

Coffe glass cups and Coffe cups “ Caffeino “

Cappuccino glass cups

Large cup sugar leads

Bring sugar table

Cash tray

Napkin holders

Apron bar

Rico’s wall clock